Gene Pitney – Let The Music Play

Gene Pitney – Let The Music Play This is the first real occasion where Spoke Records have ventured into the murky territory of archaeological restoration. But when the artefact in question is a previously unknown 1967 blue-eyed soul stomper from Gene Pitney, we felt the time was right to immerse ourselves fully into sonic renovation. What we had in our mitts was a battered-to-buggery Emidisc … Continue reading Gene Pitney – Let The Music Play

Tammy St John – Concerning Love / 21st Century – Hard Act To Follow SPK 1304

Tammy St John – Concerning Love Our fourth Spoke double-sider sees a continuation of our familiar habit of putting rare US and UK releases back-to-back. Tammy St John was only fourteen years old when she was signed to Pye Records in 1964 and for two years they struggled to find songs suitable for her bluesy and soulful voice. One release which failed to hit was her cover version … Continue reading Tammy St John – Concerning Love / 21st Century – Hard Act To Follow SPK 1304

The Open Mind – Magic Potion. Dakotas – The Spider And The Fly SPK 1305

The Open Mind – Magic Potion (Soundhog Edit) Magic Potion needs little introduction and we’re delighted to finally be releasing this.  Copies of the original exchange hands for phenomenal amounts and it is often championed as the very best example of psychedelic beat. The original recording never made it to their rare LP but subsequent reissues and bootlegs established it high on the ‘Wants’ list of … Continue reading The Open Mind – Magic Potion. Dakotas – The Spider And The Fly SPK 1305

Smoke – Release SPK 1406/07

Smoke – Dreams of Dreams/Happening Man Spoke Records are delighted to reissue this 1970 psych gem from Bury St Edmunds band Smoke. Popsike lists the last two original copies of Dreams of Dreams on the Revolution label sold for £526.00 and £678.77 in 2013 and 2014 respectively but no psych fan need mourn missing out on either of those poorly edited releases now. Did we say ‘poorly edited’? Yes we did. This … Continue reading Smoke – Release SPK 1406/07

Music Forum Swap CDs

Music Forum Swap Cds Internet music forums have changed dramatically. Ten years ago forum members were limited to sharing enthusiasm for music by describing them through typed messages only.    A lot of discussion in these early years flowed from members typing up personal playlists or listing their charity shop, fleamarket and car boot sale finds. Software developments improved on this.  Posted messages became increasingly annotated … Continue reading Music Forum Swap CDs

A Universally Good Start

A Universally Good Start Col, Towny and I ended the first Spoke meeting with a lot of ideas but few unanimous decisions except one; that we would reissue the rare UK 45 by Frog.  Major questions hovered though.  If Frog (Jam 39) was such a sought after single why hadn’t it been reissued before ? Initial enquiries from information on the label boded well. The publishers … Continue reading A Universally Good Start

Lady J / Jeanette Leech

Spoke Records first heard Sylvan – We Dont Belong on a Vinyl Vulture Swap CD in 2006. The CD in question was compiled by Lady J who was a regular contributor to the old Vinyl Vulture forum and still makes occasional contributions to the VG+ music forum which replaced it. In the real world Lady J is Jeanette Leech. Over a period of four years Jeanette produced a sequence of … Continue reading Lady J / Jeanette Leech